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    San Diego corporate photographer

    Commercial and corporate photographers P2 Photography are located in the San Diego, Southern California area. They produce advertising photography for solar, wind, alternative energy and corporate clients worldwide.

    Commercial, corporate and advertising photographers P2 Photography are San Diego corporate photographers who work extensively with marketing directors, ad agencies, communications directors and PR firms.

    They are known for their niche speciality in promotion for the alternative energy markets and their dramatic low altitude aerial photographs taken from a remotely controlled helicopter. They are seasoned world travelers and enjoy the challenges of taking photographs on the road. While they shoot mainly digital, they are happy to use 4x5, medium format or 35mm film cameras if the job requires it. They have even been known to bring a few toy cameras along for fun.

    P2 Photography has a wide range of Alternative Energy, Industrial and Corporate clients. From wind farms to solar fields to geothermal sites and algae plantations, the world of alternative energy is growing. Southern California is a particularly welcoming area for many of these corporations. P2 Photography is experienced in all the particulars of photography in these areas: they can look at a site and tell whether aerial shots will be needed, or if a lift will do the trick. They know which lenses to use in order to capture the scale of a wind farm and what time of day looks best when photographing solar panels. They take a personal pride in presenting alternative fuels in the best light possible. They believe it is through high end imagery that the public will come to fully appreciate and stand behind these companies and their work.

    Some of the many corporations, universities and magazines that have hired P2 Photography for this type of work include Stirling Energy Systems, Wind Power Monthly, Renova Solar, The Coalition for Clean Air, SPG Solar, SolarWorld, Photon Magazine, Boulder Electric Vehicle and Xanterra Parks and Resorts.

    About Hiring a Corporate Photographer
    Securing eye popping photographs for your annual report, ad campaign, website or tradeshow display doesn't have to be a mammoth task. The first step in this process is to find a photographer who creates images at a level of quality and creativity that you envision. Once you have found that company, the next step is to communicate your needs for the shoot and start a dialogue about location, budget, time frame and usage. This conversation will help the photographer put together an estimate that is as detailed as possible. Once you receive this estimate, continue to work with the photographer until an agreement is met.

    P2 Photography works hard to make this process as easy as possible. This is their job, and they take it seriously. A large part of the business of being a corporate photographer is knowing what questions to ask and being able to clearly explain perceived challenges and how they will be met.

    A Bit About Pricing
    Commercial photographers generally charge a 'creative fee' for services rendered. It helps to get an idea of what the creative fee is when beginning discussions about a project, but it is also important to remember that this is only one part of the overall cost of an assignment. Creative fees do not include expenses or the licensing of usage rights, and in some cases may not involve post-productions fees. It is important to ask the photographer about other expenses, as each photographer bills their time differently. These expenses and usage fees will be broken down for you in the estimate or bid as well.

    If you ask for and receive an estimate, this is usually valid for 30-45 days, but the length can depend on the photographer. An estimate does not involve a fixed price, so job parameter and actually job costs may change. If a bid is requested and received, once it is accepted the job parameters and the price can not change. Any change in the scope of the assignment may also be reflected by a change in price.

    A Final Word
    Hiring the right photographer or photography company, one whose images speak to you, is very important. We live in a visual society, and obtaining marketing images that effectively communicate what your company is about while catching the eye of your target market can make a world of difference. P2 Photography has experience in a range of corporate and commercial atmospheres. They will work with you to make sure your photographic needs are met in a timely, friendly and easy manner. Their creativity and professionalism will ensure that the assignment you hire them for, whether a multi-day shoot on location or a corporate portrait of your CEO, is executed at the highest level of professional photography.